Industrial Electrician Brisbane

Industrial Electrician Brisbane

If you’re looking for an industrial electrician in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich, MultiVolt Services
is the one for you. We’re the Brisbane contractor that every industrialist can count on when they require any type
of electrical services. Our team of experienced electricians and technicians has provided solutions to dozens of manufacturing and
processing facilities in packaging, food and drink processing, distribution, and general manufacturing. We have also
served warehouses and high stack storage facilities of all services. At MultiVolt services, we understand that every
second counts in the industrial world. We know that plants and facilities need a fully functioning electrical system all day, every day.
Thus, our electricians are committed to providing practical solutions to every industrial electrical problem they come across.

We do all major Industrial work

MultiVolt Services offers an entire roster of industrial electrical services. Whether it’s something as simple as installing lighting, to the more challenging projects like conveyor wiring. This makes us the one-stop contractor for all industrial electrical needs in Brisbane, Ipswich, and Gold Coast.
We work on Installations, system upgrades, system maintenance, electrical repairs, design, and troubleshooting of electrical issues. However small or large your needs may be, you can trust that our technicians will provide expert execution of electrical solutions for your plant or facility.

Why choosing a good industrial electrician matters

Plants and facilities require regular visits from electricians for scheduled maintenance and repair works.
But with so many industrial electricians around, it helps to take your time and choose your electrician wisely. Otherwise, you may lose up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You should settle for a top industrial electrician because;

That said, MultiVolt Services is the best industrial electrician in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Thus, if you’re looking for a competent contractor that will keep all your power systems operating at peak performance, give us a call.

In commercial and residential electrical work, problems can be fixed easily. In an industrial setting they are costly. They affect the production flow, which leads to high losses. There is also the risk to safety due to accidents that may result from poor electrical maintenance and repair operations. 

A competent industrial electrician gives you an edge over your competitors. They can maintain your equipment in an efficient state and spot issues before they become too big, allowing your plant to operate optimally. Setting up the right scheduled maintenance and downtime is imperative for production schedules

An Industrial electrician understands all the local and government regulations on industrial electrical works. By operating within these parameters and guidelines, a good industrial electrician will help you avoid fines and penalties from your industry associations and workcover. Workers safety is paramount

What makes us the best Brisbane industrial electrician? 

They’re some big reasons why industrialists in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich chose us to handle all their electrical needs. For one, we are highly trained and experienced.Being an industrial contractor has us working with high-voltage systems to meet the electricity and power needs of plants and factories.
Thus, we’ve assembled a team of highly trained electricians with all the certificates, qualifications, and years of apprenticeship needed to achieve a high level of specialised expertise. Furthermore, we have all the experience required to work with, maintain, and repair highly specialised industrial electrical equipment.
Our Brisbane electricians also know all the safety codes and procedures stipulated in the National Electric Code. Thus, when you work with us, you know that your building or industrial establishment is in safe hands. We’ll work within the safety codes and procedures, helping you avoid any fines and penalties for disobeying the regulations.
MultiVolt Services is also a professional electric contractor. We understand the importance of time management and open communication, which has allowed us to maintain healthy relationships with all our past clients. Our team leaders also have tremendous leadership and people management skills and can coordinate onsite industrial projects in the most efficient way possible.
We understand that in the industrial world, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The design and needs of one plant differ from those of another. Thus, we take data from our clients and use critical thinking and analytical skills to develop efficient solutions for that particular facility. This level of flexibility has allowed us to work across different industries and deliver consistently excellent results in all of them.

MultiVolt industrial electrician services

MultiVolt Services is the best Brisbane industrial electrician for all your lighting and retrofit solutions, equipment maintenance, warehouse fit-out, high voltage switching, hazardous area installation, hazardous area maintenance, surge maintenance, power upgrades, industrial maintenance programs, and so much more. Here is a closer look at some of our services.

High voltage switching

MultiVolt services will install all your high voltage switchgear safely and efficiently. In addition, all our switchgear- switches, fuses, circuit breakers- meet the highest quality standards. Thus, you can be sure that the control panels of your power systems are durable, efficient, and safe for all to use.

Equipment installation

Have you purchased new equipment and are looking for a reliable contractor to handle the installation? Our electricians will handle all your equipment installation needs. Do not face down time because you have hired and electrician not skilled or confident with plant set up and installation.

Electrical repairs and maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary for all industrial facilities. Having handled dozens of industrial maintenance projects, we have allowed plants and facilities to minimise electrical utility costs, future repair costs, life and safety risk, and arc flash exposure.

All Electrical Troubleshooting

Regular maintenance is necessary for all industrial facilities. Having handled dozens of industrial maintenance projects, we have allowed plants and facilities to minimise electrical utility costs, future repair costs, life and safety risk, and arc flash exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do, whether you need lighting in your new warehouse or a looking for retrofit solutions for your existing system, MultiVolt Services has got you covered. A lighting retrofit helps increase energy efficiency, resulting in many energy savings in plants, facilities, and warehouses. We will also help you improve the light levels in your establishment and eliminate lighting maintenance headaches.

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