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MultiVolt Services, commercial electrical contractors Brisbane, offers customers commercial electrical services to feel confident when they need dedicated service.
At MultiVolt Services, local electrician Brisbane Southside, we are happy to take care of all commercial electrical work, including routine maintenance of your business equipment, installing electrical systems, and ensuring the reliability of your electrical systems.

Within our commercial electrical offering, also prides itself on it’s no hidden prices guarantee.

Commercial Electrical Services

At MultiVolt Services, one of the large electrical contractors Brisbane, we provide commercial electrical services to offices, schools, government buildings, canteens and shopping centres in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

What commercial electrical services do we provide?

  • Electrical installations
  • Data acquisition
  • New electrical circuits
  • Panel upgrades/new installations
  • Installation of rental properties
  • Installation of electrical outlets
  • Installation of ceiling fans
  • Upgrading the electrical network
  • Underground wiring
  • Installations of rental meters
  • Security switches
  • Networking and telecommunication
  • Emergency generators and much more.
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Who needs our commercial electrical services in Brisbane?

Any business or commercial establishment in Brisbane, Ipswich, and Gold Coast can secure the services of M.V.S. Whether you’re running a large-scale project with lots of renovations, or a small business that needs a couple of fittings and fixtures involved, our technicians are always ready to serve you. We will set you up to make sure that the electrical project is completed on time, within budget, and with the correct expertise.

We provide electrical maintenance, installation, and repair to the following businesses across Brisbane;


Offices have various electrical needs, including but not limited to data cabling, data points installation, ceiling fan wiring and installation, electrical switches, and backup generations. M.V.S electricians have serviced hundreds of offices in Brisbane, Ipswich, and Gold Coast over the years, gathering a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation in the process.


Restaurants have a lot of power needs, most of which are met using electricity from the grid. They also need to create a positive ambience for their customers, typically done using lighting and air conditioning. Our electricians will work with you, your designer and architect to install the wiring needed for your decorative and strip lighting needs. Other services we offer to restaurants and cafes include appliance installation, test & tagging  of electrical equipment, ceiling fan and ceiling fan installation, power points and data points.

Other commercial establishments

We also provide electrical services to banks, hotels, retail stores, barbershops, bars, drug stores, and other similar business establishments and premises in Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast. If it’s a new building or one under construction, our team of qualified electricians will work with your architect to plan and install all electrical requirements of your establishment.

Commercial Electrical Work

MultiVolt services employ a team of highly-trained electricians with decades of combined experience
handling commercial projects. Since our founding, we have completed hundreds of commercial
electrical projects of every size and scope. Thus, we are skilled and qualified to provide the
following services to your Brisbane commercial establishment
if and when you need them;

Ceiling fan and ceiling fan installation

With temperatures reaching as high as 29°C, every commercial building in Brisbane needs some excellent cooling. After all, this is where you’ll spend at least eight hours of most of your days and also where you’ll be interacting with your clients. Having a ceiling fan is one of the best ways to ensure that your office, restaurant, bar, or store is comfortably cool for you and your clients.

In this regard, MultiVolt Services offers the best ceiling fan and ceiling fan installation and wiring in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. With us on the job, you’re assured of efficient, safe, and durable ceiling fan installations that will require no repairs for the foreseeable future.  We also offer ceiling fan repair services. 

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Backup generators

Some businesses need a reliable backup generator during a power outage to ensure continuity of operation. These generators must be integrated seamlessly into the premises’ electrical system for maximum efficiency and safety. Thus, you need a trusted Brisbane commercial electrician on the job, like MultiVolt Services. Our licensed Brisbane electricians will effectively install your backup generator that will keep your business running even when everything else stops. 

Data Cabling

Whether you want to connect a server or are looking to link all your office/business computers into a network, Multivolt Services is here for you. Our licenced technicians are well trained and experienced in computer wiring projects for all kinds of office setups and businesses.

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Networking and telecomunications

Landlines may look old school in a world full of cellphones, but they still an important part of all commercial work spaces.
Telecommunications and networking is the second most important part of all businesses ( Having steady power is the first one) If customers cannot call or staff cannot log in to their computers and take customer service calls – Any business will potentially lose a massive part of their profits.
So, if you are having trouble with phones or WIFI dropping out – Contact us to get a a plan of action in place.

Switchboard upgrades, installations, and repair

The switchboard is probably the most important part of your building’s electrical system. This is because it safely divides the main electrical power feed into smaller components and distributes them throughout your home. Thus, any crucial operations, whether it’s repairs, upgrades, or installations, should be done by licensed and experienced professionals like those at M.V.S.


Smoke alarms and Security systems

Fire is the worst thing that can happen to your commercial establishment. Fortunately, installing smoke alarms can help keep your property safe and save you tens of thousands of dollars in fire damages. Security systems are also important for commercial buildings, especially those with valuable items and equipment. So, keep your property and equipment safe from fire and burglars with smoke alarms and security systems installed by  MultiVolt Services.

Electrical inspections and repairs

Routine electrical inspections are vital for your commercial establishment. This is because they help detect any underlying issues before they grow into bigger ones that require costly repairs. They also identify any old components and areas in your electrical system that may need upgrading in the near future.

MultiVolt Services is the best contractor for all your routine inspections and repair needs. Other commercial electrical services offered by our Brisbane electricians include power upgrades, property poles, replacing transformers, surge protection, underground cabling, floodlighting, and so much more.

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