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Air Conditioning Brisbane

Living in Queensland requires your home or workplace to have a comfortable temperature all year round.
With hot summers and high humidity levels, the right climate control and air conditioner installation is important.
Multivolt Services are your local air conditioning installation team!

Air Conditioner Installation

When you need an air conditioner replaced, installed or repaired, you want to know that you can hire a responsive and professional electrician to get it all done for you. No one want to be kept waiting days until a service technician can come out to see what the problem is with your Aircon.
When you are hot and bothered, the last thing you want to do is to have long wait times.

We pride ourselves as having honest and transparent pricing and quotes about what your air conditioning installation will cost.
As qualified electricians will ensure that all work is compliant and if other electrical work or updates ate needed, we can get these sorted for you as well.

Commercial Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane?

Any business or commercial establishment knows that staff and customer comfort are paramount! Having a comfortable and cool environment will have better staff productivity, customer satisfaction and keep your businesses stock and equipment at the recommended temperature ranges.

We can install the best split system air conditioner for your workplace and also ensure that your switchboard is up to date.
Adding ceiling fans can also help with the circulation of cooler air flow through out larger areas. Whether you’re running a large-scale business or a small retail space, we can get the right cooling options for you!
We do all electrical and air conditioning installation, and repairs to businesses across Brisbane.

Brisbane Air-Conditioning Installations

MultiVolt services can install a new air conditioner at your home or workplace.
We can get your cooling needs quickly sorted out and install the best split system air conditioner for you.
We offer fast service and stand behind all the electrical work that we do for our clients.

Cooling Ideas And Installation

With temperatures reaching as high as 29°C, everyone in Brisbane needs excellent cooling options and air conditioning is a part of that!
We all know though that or conditioning is expensive to run but with some planning you can use air conditioning and ceiling fans to ensure that your home stays cool and enjoy some power saving as well.
Cold air sinks to the ground and can be concentrated in certain parts of your home or workplace.

Sometimes it is not possible to install an air conditioner in every corner of a home or workplace and that is where the right ceiling fans placed with the correct air conditioner size will be able to circulate cool air into all parts of room or open area. MultiVolt Services offers forward thinking and energy saving where possible. With us on the job, you’re assured of efficient cooling options and installations.

Air Conditioner Servicing And Cleaning

Preventive maintenance is necessary when caring for your home and major appliances, such as air conditioners. This will ensure that you don’t have costly repairs later on.

Maintaining your air conditioner at the right time and frequency can make the difference between your unit getting by with minimal problems in the long run or recurring issues in the short run. Long story short, it’s always better to have your air conditioner regularly serviced (every three months) than to have it serviced once a year and find that it has an endless list of problems.

For an air conditioner to work effectively and last a long time, its filters, heat exchangers, and fins need to be serviced regularly (at least every three months) to keep everything in working order.
Regular air conditioner maintenance will help keep it working for the long haul and reduce the need for costly repairs.

Air Conditioner Inspections And Servicing

Many parts of the air conditioning system must be working correctly for the air conditioner to function properly. Below are the significant components that need to be checked during routine air conditioning maintenance:

  • The Filters: The filters are essential and must be routinely replaced and cleaned to ensure optimal function. Clean air will not pass through if dirt or dust has gathered on the filters.
  • Heat Exchangers: Heat exchangers are another part of the unit that will affect the air conditioner’s performance if a lot of dirt and dust accumulates over time.
  • Heat exchanger fins: The aluminium fins, usually on the outside, can be bent and crushed, blocking airflow. The heat exchanger fins must be monitored and repaired to ensure enough air is drawn in.
  • Condensate drains: Air conditioning repairers/experts need to make sure condensate drains are clear to prevent leaks and excessive moisture buildup in the A/C unit.

If you use your air conditioner for heating in winter:

  • Ensure the foam pipe is in good condition and completely covers the copper pipes. Foam tubing protects the air conditioner’s pipes from harsh weather conditions so your air conditioner can be used for heating and cooling.

Air Conditioner Cleaning and sercice Checks

When we clean your air conditioner, we are not only cleaning the vents and flushing the coils, we are also looking all areas of your air conditioner. Several things need to be checked when cleaning and servicing your air conditioner, including

  • Check that the unit contains the correct amount of refrigerant.
  • Check to see if the refrigerant is leaking.
  • Check if the ventilation ducts are leaking.
  • Turn on the air conditioner and check how good the airflow is through the evaporator coil.
  • Turn on the remote control and check if both the heating and cooling systems are working properly.
  • Examine the belts and motors for signs of wear and tear.
  • Check how accurately the thermostat is operating.

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